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All of the chastity devices and accessories highlighted below are sold through highly reputable affiliate stores, which provide discrete shipping, return & exchange policies, privacy policies, and product reviews. Click any image to see more details and buy these products and many more.


Light weight but still secure. Comfortable to wear. Easy to conceal under day clothing. Works well for long term wearing. A great device for beginners as well. These are the most popular devices sold.


Very light weight. Easy to wear and conceal in everyday clothes. Flexible material, allowing for some stretching to them. Can be easier to slip out of. May cause minor irritation for those with sensitive skin.




Very durable and secure. There’s weight to them, so you will always know it’s on. Easy to keep clean and very hygienic. Good for more experienced wearers. Can be worn for long term chastity.



Steel Pods

Very secure. Completely encases cock and balls, denying the wearer any access. Some models have a good amount of weight, which can pull down. Good for intensity.


Leather/Leather with Some Metal

Light weight. Inexpensive but still effective. Comfortable to wear. Airy, allowing for limited touching of dick. Could be prone to wear and tear. Hard to clean while wearing.


Specialty Chastity Devices

There are specialty devices to enhance the chastity experience. These include devices for pierced cocks and punishment devices.

Chastity Key Safe – lock the key away for your slave or yourself


Female Chastity

Chastity devices started out being designed for women to protect their virtue. Here are few good range of choices.


 Don’t forget the lock! Ready the accessories and see if locks are included. It’s like getting a battery operated present without the batteries.


  • my name is slave caged, slave is locked and owned by Goddess Alanna of Canada.
    slave presently wears a steel cage,but is soon to be locked in another cage called the Watchful Mistress custom built by Mature Metal with a cage depth of only 11/4 inches so that it may shrink slaves cock to be completely useless never allowing an erection.
    slave is constantly plugged with a 5 inch butt plug or 9 inch dildo as a reminder of it’s status as a slave and owned property.
    as Goddess Alanna’s chastity slave,slave is never allowed release.
    slave is in constant desperation and frustration.

  • Super Duper Cool Site Man!!!

  • Has anyone else had a terrible experience with Bon4 Metal Cages?

  • i wasn’t in chastity for 6 months before my wedding but no sex with my to be bride. Then on the evening after our wedding at Disney she tells she has felt no “desire” in 8 months. good luck with your marriage.

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait until your safely locekd away in this!I know you’re locekd away for 11 months without release. That’s in preparation for the wedding, right? Have you given thought to the idea that you might go 11 months now, in preparation for the wedding, then have 1 night in the honeymoon suite where you get every last drop of your pre-married boyjuice milked out of you, and then the next day you get locekd up in this new protector permanently? In other words, a perfectly chaste marriage?

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