Living in Chastity

Life in a Chastity Device

Wearing a chastity device is not like any other sex toy. It’s not a toy at all. It’s a piece of bondage equipment that locks up your dick. Your dick isn’t just physical. As you know it’s hardwired to your brain. All those hormones, sexual drive, ability to orgasm — locked away. And then there’s just doing normal life activities in a chastity device. Think of working, pissing, types of clothing, etc. It’s a lifestyle. Here are a few considerations.

Never Being Able to Get Off

How often do you jerk off? If you’re like most guys, you’ve shot off quite a few loads in your life. In a chastity device that all but goes away. Here’s the thing, you still get aroused but can never let loose. Imagine being horny all the time but with no way to have an orgasm. Many guys will watch a few minutes of porn and then do their thing. In a chastity device, you can actually watch the whole porn movie.

Because there’s no way to orgasm, you have to manage your sexual energy differently. Many people, for example, use that energy to exercise more. Many men report a new found vigor and increased strength after being in chastity. They also report increased mental focus, better sleep (after they get used to sleeping wearing a cage around their dick), and more creativity. Everyone is different. But there are some advantages to not jerking off.

Milkingslave dripping

You may have seen or heard about guys cumming while wearing a chastity device. The most common way to do that is by prostate milking. That’s massaging the prostrate gland, which may trigger a release of cum. For those that don’t know, the prostrate is massaged through anal penetration (such as finger, dick, dildo). There’s definitely a technique to it. But keep in mind, you still can’t get a full erection if you’re being milked. So it’s not the same as an orgasm.

There’s some evidence that ejaculating has some positive health effects and never ejaculating may cause some health issues. Milking is one way to allow a chastity wearer to occasionally cum without breaking the chastity period. Of course, your Key Holder may allow you to jerk off on special occasions, if you’ve been good.


You probably don’t give precum too much thought. However, once you’re in a chastity device, you will think about it all the time. It will be become a new hygiene routine you will need to learn to deal with. Most guys in a chastity device precum a lot. I mean a lot. When you get horny, you will leak lots of precum. And when you’re not horny, you will still leak out some. It really can get messy. It usually starts a day or two after you’re locked up. Over time it decreases. You will have to make some lifestyle adjustments. No more sleeping nude…


The point of wearing a chastity cage is to restrict your access to your dick. One of the issues is trying to keep your dick and the device clean. Things will get nasty if you don’t. Showering will take extra long to try to work your way in there to get everything clean. And drying is not so easy too. Some people use a hair dry (low heat). Using is q-tips is a common technique for cleaning too. Try taking more baths. But dick and cage cleaning will become a new routine in your life…


Pissing won’t be quite so easy in a chastity device. You are probably already familiar with splash back when pissing. Now you have something diverting the urine flow. The spread can be wide and unpredictable. Imagine your thumb over a water hose and think what that does to the direction of the water. Pissing standing isn’t as feasible anymore — not to mention who might look over and see you in a chastity cage. You’ll probably be sitting on the toilet to take a leak from now on.

Additionally, the quick shake and off you go isn’t going to be your reality anymore either. Urine can get trapped in the device. You need to be sure it’s all out and clean.


Chastity devices come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, they can be hidden under

From 2013 MTV Music Awards

From 2013 MTV Music Awards

normal, everyday clothes. But there’s some things you will need to be conscious of. Wearing anything too tight might show the cage. Anything that would have shown your bulge before will also likely show the cage. Most cages have a lock. The lock can move, making noises or be seen. People sometimes wrap a rubber band around it so it doesn’t bang against device. In any event, it has to be managed.

If you travel, there’s the issue of airport security. If there’s metal in the device or lock, it will set the metal detector off. The body scanners will also pick it up, even if everything is plastic. Your best bet is to ask for a pat down and let the security guard know it is a piece of body jewelry. No matter how you slice it, awkward.

If you workout at the gym, the locker room becomes an issue. Showering there would be pretty embarrassing. Best to avoid the locker room altogether, if possible.

Be careful of hugs. Getting too close may reveal your dirty little secret. Just go back to the days of being a teenager when you always hug leaning in from the chest but keeping the hips away to avoid your constant hard on being revealed. Now it’s to prevent your chastity device from being revealed…

Pubic Hair

You’ll want to keep your pubes trimmed close or shaved. The hair can get caught up in the device and pinch. And it always happens when you least expect it. Like in a meeting or at dinner with family and friends. You get the point…

Life of Obedience

Being locked in a chastity device puts you in a submissive role, especially if you have a Key Holder. Based on your relationship, you may be expected to do things or act in a certain ways. The Key Holder usually has the discretion to decide when you get out, which is often times tied to your obedience. You may have to do extra chores, provided photo proof of lock up at random times, perform sexual tasks, etc. Unlike voluntary submission, there’s a consequence to failing to comply — a longer sentence for your cock.

Is It Worth It?

For some, you may not have much of a choice. Your partner or Master, if it’s that type of relationship, may require you to wear one. If that’s the case, it is what it is. If you do it on your own, it is definitely worth experimenting and seeing what it’s like. However, understanding it’s a lifestyle and not just a sex game is important to getting the most from the experience.