Extreme Chastity Wheel Game

Extreme version of the chastity wheel game. Spin the wheel to see how long your chastity sentence or what tasks you must perform to be released. Lots of punishments are mixed in. After your punishment, you have to spin again. Key Holder should give punishments where applicable.

Be careful if you are using this game for real. It is the extreme version developed by popular request. The shortest sentence is 3 months and it goes up to 2 years. There’s an option for welding with no release. And one where the Key Holder decides, which can be indefinite.

You’ve been warned…



  • Thought is was 90….damn 364 to go….I hate this wheel.

  • Day one in holy trainer. 89 to go! FML.

  • I just got sentenced to a year in the cage. FML.

  • It first said piercing and spin again and there was welding no return

  • 18 months (18 mois)

  • i got get 20 people to spit on you, then get a piercing, then wax, then give 100 orgasms then 1 year 🙁 it had already been 3 months before we tried the spinner.

  • Laurie, KH and I agreed that I would spin the wheel ten times. I it comes up welding once, I will be welded.

  • Got 3 months hope I can do it !!! What a Christmas presant

  • A sixteen hour day of slave labor in my collar, c-belt and ankle shackles supervised by KH’s friend, whose name is Laurie. KH and Laurie are lovers now. I was allowed to sleep with them last night, belted and shackled wrists behind and ankles together. A nice break from the cage. It was Laurie ‘ s idea. She treats me well and allows me out of the cage frequently as long as I am shackled at the ankles and wrists. The wrist cuffs come off when I have work to do. KH and Laurie are giving a party on the 24th. I will be waiting on the guests dressed (undressed) as usual: collar, c-belt and ankle shackles. A special guest appearance by “Panty Claus” promises to be fun but I have no details yet. Party will have a bondage/SM theme so there will probably be more slaves there. KH and Laurie ordered a coffee table cage for the living room with a glass top. Delivery and assembly later today. Sounds like fun. Hope I get to try it after I assemble it; maybe even at the party. Time to cook breakfast for the women.

  • First spin, Drink KH’s piss and spin again. Second spin, Welded on. Guess that’s my life now.

  • Another break from work. KH’s friend kindly brought lunch for me – oatmeal – and unshackled my wrists so I could work and eat. I’ve decided that I like her. She is strict with me but friendly and wields her power in a nice way. She is also an expert with her whip, as my butt can attest. I spilled some paint on her clothes and earned 25 lashes and an extra month in chastity. Since I can’t replace her clothes, that seems fair, even lenient, to me. I showed her the roulette wheel that sentenced me to two years of chastity and she loved it. She is impressed with my obedience and willingness to be KH’s chaste slaveboy. She enjoys having my slave labor to clean the house. The real estate agent is here and already saw me so I need to go talk to her. KH’s friend is explaining my nakedness, chastity belt and shackled ankles to her. She seems amused. Gotta go.

  • KH’S friend shaved my head with clippers today. Then she drove me to my old house in shackles so I could begin cleaning it for sale. My cars and boat have been sold, and my bank accounts now belong to KH. Taking a little break from cleaning g the house under her friend’s supervision. She is supervising me with a black snake whip which hurts intensely when applied to my bare ass. In the slave contract I signed is a provision which allows KH to cuckold me with her, so they regularly sleep together in the bed, while I am chained in the cage on the floor. Back to work now.

  • KH and friend presented me with contracts for chastity, slavery and property transfer. I was already committed to chastity and slavery, so I signed away my rights and assumed the role of a contractually bound chaste slave. I asked to think about the property transfer papers, so they clamped my nipples,cuffed my hands behind me, and told me to think all I wanted. The clamps would be removed when I signed the papers. I held out for a painful hour and ten minutes, then signed away my property to KH. The impact of this hit me immediately. Now I was truly a slave; penniless and locked in chastity. Tattoos on my body identified me as such, as did the iron slave collar fitted and locked around my neck. I have no rights, no property and am forbidden sexual pleasure by contract and by chastity belt. I was locked in the cage at the foot of KH’s bed for the night, while KH and her lesbian friend shared the bed. Handcuffed, gagged and securely locked in the cage, there was nothing I could do but listen and cringe. Strangely intriguing, even a little exciting though…

  • KH’s friend finished my slave tats and they came out great, so paid her twice what KH told me to. Now neck, ass and pubis have slave symbol, and ass, pubis, left forearm and right ankle have slave registration number tats. Mixed feelings about being permanently marked as a slave. No hiding the tats, especially at home where I am not allowed clothing. Depending on who sees them, either humiliating or exciting. KH’S friend encouraging KH to execute contracts for chastity, slavery and property transfer. She says slaves should not own property and transfer what they have to their owner. She’s probably right but this is a little frightening. She also thinks KH should cuckold me because of the long term chastity. I’m really not in a position to object if KH agrees to any of this.

  • Life with no parole lol

  • 3 months….yeah

  • i got welded no release!!! i wish

  • starting to regret the small cage……chastity sounds awesome but it becomes very real when you just want out…

  • just j b welded my cockcage on….it’s only 2 inches…..lol

  • I got welded….hurt like hell…..but you will regret it….there is no escape, been this way for 3 weeks and am going crazy…..i’m getting good at oral sex…but this is really degrading ………

  • I really like the idea of welding…no way to get out…permanent chastity

  • where do you get welded?

  • KH tucked me in with a blanket last night. Had an accident and wet the cage floor two nights ago, so she traded my panties for adult diapers at night. More comfortable now – one drawback of being locked in a cage for twelve hours is that urgent need to urinate during the night, so the diapers are a welcome reassurance. Two weeks added to my chastity sentence for wetting. I couldn’t help it, but I won’t call it unfair. She gets to make the rules and I am learning discipline and obedience. Getting used to being shackled and caged at night – usually not so sore in the morning any longer. Have found a comfortable sleep position – nearly a fetal position except with hands cuffed behind. One of KH’s friends is a great tattoo artist and is inking a slave symbol on my lower abdomen and one on my bottom. Under these symbols will go my slave registration number.

  • Three spins of my tailor-made wheel and there are: 1 year, drink 20 loads of cum and yes, castration! So what should it be out of these 3?

  • Now sleeping in the dog cage at the foot of her bed. Heavy iron bars and two padlocks on the door. One combination and one keyed in case, by some freakish event, I open one, the other will hold me prisoner. Wearing the slave collar and the chastity cage. A little chilly at night. She handcuffs my hands behind my back and shackles my ankles, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable. Sore in the morning from the cramped cage and being chained. She enjoys it so I am happy to endure the discomfort. She might let me earn a blanket if I am an excellent slaveboy. 12 hours locked in a cage at night isn’t really so bad when it makes her so happy…

  • I got 3 months, 2 months, dildo 3 times in a row and get a peircing. Lol all arent bad 5 months total and alot anal

  • I never should have argued with my girlfriend’s ruling on the wheel. She explained that I need a lesson in obedience since she has the key and the power to decide. So I will stay locked for two years plus three months as punishment, plus I must wear panties while I am locked and publicly apologize for my misbehavior. I am very sorry, my wonderful girlfriend and keyholder.

  • I just got welded in. My master grinned the whole time.

  • it has to do 90 chores for KH it will wait for further instruction

  • 2 year to go

  • Thomas Jannusch

    I have been chastised sinced I read the Forced Woomannhood,

  • It can also be exciting to incorporate some sort of dice or spin-the-wheel type of game, leaving the matter of if he gets to cum and the manner in which he does it, up to pure chance.

  • Shawn Nottyboy

    100 orgasims for me. Have made it to 34 been locked for almost 3 months

  • My BF got punishment of one years, the keys are with me and he is going to suffer..

  • I got drink you KH piss and spin again

  • Larsen - 836-076-603

    The smallest possible fit to measure chastity belt been ordered – delivery time 4-5 weeks from today. Hereafter I shall spin the well and accept whatever – looking forward. However already now in mental chastity training for the real thing says Mrs L- no orgasme allowed or any milking.
    Will update after the spin, late March

  • I drank my key holders piss twice in a row then she got to chose and I have it for life

  • 3 months, woo hoo! Would be hot if you had to sign up for this, give information, and someone was enforcing it, for those folks who don’t yet have keyholders.

  • Bianca Sandovala

    I got 1 year, then I jacked off…. Immediately multiple times; Fuck the world!!!!!

  • First spin and I was told to rivet it closed! I accept my fate, I know a kinky woman who will seal me.

  • First spin was welding! I’ll live with it.

  • So awesome wish i had a estim plug and chastity with remote for my mistress

  • Did this on our wedding night ,just after I had fucked her for the first time. She spun it and got key holder to decide. My loving wife decided indefinitely. We was married on 21sept 1984. Never been happier in all my life

  • Got weld it on. No release.

  • Welding, no release

  • The wheel gave me ” give a 100 orgasms” a week ago. Up on 31 till now. Had 2 today.
    But have to reach at least an other 2 tonight.

  • Master will weld this one’s cage shut in a few minutes. Thank you for making this wheel <3

  • The wheel said two years locked up from today. Master sends the key to a turn. Returns 8-26-2017.

  • 90 chores to perform for Mistress. we’ll see how this go

  • Lucky boy

  • 3 months for me – sigh of relief!

  • OOOHHH NO … 2 years for me … :-((((

  • 2 years for me.

  • I believe you get out of stoemhing, what you put into it. So I took the time to come put some more ideas on paper. Assignments or punishments depending on the sub. Figging make an anal plug out of ginger wear it for 15 minutes followed by cane strokes This is especially good for the couples that may use your site as a resource. The ginger will burn more if the sub clenches before the cane strike. Required to wear a women’s perfume daily (feminization) This should be Mistresses favorite prefume so the sub is reminded about her all day. If you want to make this more evil, send the sub a pair of your panties with the perfume on it. They get to go to the department store and ask for help finding the perfect scent. Body Modification: Get a tattoo (The perfect one is the slave registry number/bar code, stoemhing that could go from owner to owner. )Body modification : Penis Piercing Chastity Fun: Lock the key to the device in a lock box or other lockable box. Lock the box with a combination lock that you dont know the combination to. Most of them would have a total of 1,000 possible combinations. You stay in chastity until you guess the combination. Buy tries by 10 self inflicted spanks per gueseMust always pee on hand when needing to urinate. Days of denial color count. Go to a mall for a minimum of 2 hours. While there, make a note every time you see anyone with the color pink. Count the number of times you see the color. The total is the minimum days you will spend in chastity. For added fun, for every victoria secret bag that is included in this count, you must buy 1 panty for your wardrobe. Sissification: Going forward you must always wear at least 1 female article of clothing. It can be socks, panties or shows. Also, going forward all clothing purchases must be done in the women’s section. Shoe Sort, punishment.. assignment, and/or a chance to cum! For the couples they can use their partners shoes. If you don’t have a partner you have to go to a thrift store and buy at least 10 pairs of women’s shoes. Preferably heals. Ideally, don’t tell the sub what the next part of the assignment is. Once the sub has all the shoes, have them put them in a large box, large enough to shake and mix them up. Have the sub blindfold themselves and dump the shoes on one side of the room. Using only their tongue and mouth, they have to sort the shoes and line them up neatly on the other side of the room. If this is a punishment, do not allow them to clean the shoes first, and ad handcuffs and rice on the floor. It will be a painful humbling experience. When they think they are done, they are to remove the blindfold. For each wrong pair, their cock gets locked up for a week. If they get all of them correct, they get to cum on there favorite pair, and lick the cum off of them. Fill out the slave registryList you as the mistress with your website as a submissive in training, require that they put the signature in all of their forum posts with a link to your website. Public Humiliation. Do your homework, and find a karaoke night that allows you to vinyls I Touch Myself YouTube Submit an MP3 recording as proof. (assignment).. Add on tasks to this.. do the song while wearing a but plug, dressed a certain way ect. Humiliation task, write in a marker that is visible under black light. things like “in chastity for X days” “If I get hard, it ads a week” ect… then send the sub to the strip club. They are to keep track of how many times they get hard. each time, they must tip the stripper, and add a day of denial. If a stripper asks about the writing, add a week, and buy a lap dance. I will provide more if you wish as my free time allows.

  • I got welding, no release

  • The wheel has spoken. No delays

  • Mine was to get a piercing then spin again,…. although that might not be to soon as I am currently under lock and key till End of May 2015,.
    But then it does not need to be a perverse piercing now does it?

  • you were lucky…

  • 2 years only Spin already at 446 Days today March 05,2015

  • got three months to be done after my next release date
    but i am lucky not to get two years

  • Best of luck…

  • Spin was 1 year. A few days away from 7 months. Can do this.

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