Spin the Chastity Wheel

Spin the wheel to see how long your chastity sentence will be or what tasks you must perform. If you get a task, the task must be completed before spinning again. The slave must remain in a chastity cage while the task is performed.


  • Shaved and 1 day locked

  • I got chastity 3 month unfortunately i live in the uk and there seems to be 80% time wasters

  • I got One Month on the wheel. Whew, it’s going to be a long month! Plus, I have not cum for 7 days already, so it’s really 5 weeks of chastity. I guess i’ll be having a lot of time to get some work done around here.

  • ooohhh NO 🙁 … 2 Months !!! :-(((( … SHIT :-((((

  • I have to give ten orgasms I think I’m gonna be locked up for awhile beings that’s why I’m locked up to begin with for not getting my fiancée off

  • Giving that power to your partner by allowing them to be your chastity keyholder could very likely invigorate your sex life to the point of indulging your deepest sexual fantasies. If he rolls a ‘seven’ he qualifies to play ‘ spin the wheel ’.

  • Already locked 4 days, spun the wheel and got 2 months. Well… here I go.

  • gluing the magic locker chastity cage is impossible to get off. Been this way since my wife glued the lock shut…going on 12 days…this is true chastity when you want out and there is no chance of getting out….

  • in chastity and pegged….

  • I got 3 months so I waited 3 months and after my wait before unlocking spun it hoping for a unlock and free but got 3months again. At least my BF is happy.

  • 10 days….I’m a sex slave to mistress marie

  • once your welded there is no hope….it’s permanent chastity

  • small cages are the best…2 inches is what i’m wearing

  • I like the loss of total control……i so need to be welded…i get weak than cut the lock

  • I’d like to be welded too…..than cuckolded…..2month would be awesome…..

  • can you actual weld these cages on without burning skin….I’d love that

  • I want to be locked up permanently

  • got 3 months….damn

  • First spin I got shave body hair, not happy, master shaved me head to toe. Everything! It sucks

  • First spin I got shave body hair, not happy, master shaved me head to toe. Everything! It sucks

  • My buddy and I just found this yesterday. First spin it said spanking. Fuck, I love whipping his ass. Great way to start. Made him get out the paddle and I went to town on his ass till it was nice, bright red. Got my so fucking hard. Then it said orgasm. I figured the wheel must mean I should orgasm cause there was no way in hell I was going to let my buddy cum. Fortunately he’s a great cocksucker. Third spin said a month. I figure he can handle a month in chastity. He’s not so fucking sure but then he doesn’t have any say in it. This is a fucking great wheel. Can’t wait to try it out in 30 days time.

  • 2 months.. damn 😐

  • ugh 3 Months

  • Got shaved and then 3 months, FML!

  • It means you must stay locked in chastity until you give an orgasm 10 times, whether it is to 1 person or multiple people

  • Mine said give 10 orgasms, so what does that mean?

  • OMG … 3 weeks … damm

  • I just span the wheel and got 10 orgasm can I count the 2 denial and the one ruin as part of my 10

  • Holy Crap! One month on the first spin. This is going to be tough!

  • First time locked after many years of daily wanking : 1 month !!! AArrrggh !!!

  • I got ‘shave body hair and spin again’ then I got 2 weeks… the wife is still laughing at my baldness…

  • Spank then spin again. Like this

  • I clicked on the “Wheel Decide” link and modified the Chastity Parameters to lengthen by doubling each possibility. I starts at one day and goes beyond three years and then jumps to permanent chastity. Master and I played with it without any real commitment to the number of days that I spun.

    We finally committed. I spun 128 days in a Carrara belt that was modified to incorporate a locking pin that goes through my Apadrahvya Piercing, making any thought of pulling out impossible.

    I have a close friend who spun 64 days. At the end of 64 days, he had several days of freedom before spinning 256 days. It didn’t stop there. They modified the wheel to determine the number of days in bondage in a cage or bondage in a cell. He’s been locked in a cage for27 days of 128 days that he spun. He is let out daily to clean himself and cage up, workout and shower. He works out in a room that opens to the outside so he gets sunshine.

    The couple runs a business out of the home so he is able to work inside of his cage on his laptop.

  • Love to be locked up for 10 days !

  • 10 days. Very new and do not have a key holder. Tried going 24 hrs for my first attempt made it to 18hrs.

  • WOW – 2 months for me – damn :-(((((

  • Unlock & Free on first spin! I need to find a willing bottom to have fun with.

  • 2 months. Damn

  • ok, 3 months for me

  • Spin again tomorrow. 🙂

  • Only one day 🙁

  • Got an Orgasm and 2 weeks Nice Trade

  • That sucks dude… I feel for ya.

  • First spin and I got unlock and free…too bad my bf has my keys

  • The times need to be longer and maybe add “welding day” for that big scare of making it permanent

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