Humiliation Chastity Game

Game Objective:

Slave must earn freedom from chastity by earning humiliation task points.


  1. Place slave in chastity.
  2. Roll dice.
  3. Dice roll number x 10 = points needed to get unlocked (Example: Roll a 6, then slave needs to earn 60 points).
  4. Use the flash cards below to generate a task. Each task has a point value. Start by shuffling cards.
  5. Click “check answer” to reveal task and points.
  6. Perform task to Key Holder’s satisfaction to earn the points (you need to manually keep track of the points earned)
  7. Click “got it” to move to next task.
  8. Continue to select tasks until enough points are earned for freedom.

Recommended Supplies (In Person):

  • Cuffs or restraints, rope
  • Sharpie or marker
  • Belt, whip, flogger
  • Dildo or butt plug


  • slave can pass on a task for a 10 slap spanking penalty.
  • Key Holder can pass on any task after spitting on slave
  • Agree on limits such as public humiliation, pain level, etc.
  • Key Holder can impose 25 point penalty for disobedience or bad behavior


  • The game is designed to teach the slave humility and its proper place. It’s not supposed to be fun for the slave.
  • It can be played in a in single or multiple sessions, but is designed to be played in person, not virtually.
  • Recommendation to restrain slave at before game begins so it has no choice once game starts. For tasks where hands are required, slave should be leashed and tied to furniture or an object or legs tied. Once the game starts, the slave must play until end with no option out.
  • There are 75+ tasks. The point value of tasks range from 1 to 10.
  • Several tasks involve impact. Before starting the game, agree on how hard impact play will be.
  • Several tasks will accumulate. For example, slave may be spit on in several tasks until it is covered.
  • For tasks involving cum, it may be advisable for Master to freeze cum in advance.
  • There is no public play in this version.
  • This version is man on man. It can be adapted for Mistresses.

Number of dice

Type of die:


Click “Start Reviewing Cards” below and then click “Shuffle” to start playing



[q] Hungry?

[a] Eat cum load from Master, 1 Point

[q] Face Cream

[a] Wear cum facial from Master. Must not wipe off.

1 Point

[q] You’re golden

[a] Get pissed on in tub.

5 Points

[q] Thirsty?

[a] Drink piss from tap.

10 Points

[q] Get to Work

[a] Kiss, Lick, Worship Master’s feet.

1 Point Per Foot

[q] Open Up

[a] Insert Master’s full foot into mouth as far as possible.

2 Points

[q] Foot Service

[a] Massage Master’s feet.

2 Points per Foot

[q] Sore Foot

[a] 5 Bastinado whips to each of slave’s foot soles (using back of hand, brush, belt, ruler, etc).

5 Points Per Foot

[q] Let’s Play Catch

[a] Catch Master’s spit in mouth. 10 catches.

4 Points

[q] Get drenched

[a] Get face spit on by Master, 20 spit gobs. Must not wipe off.

5 Points

[q] Good Boy

[a] Bark like the dog you are.

1 Point

[q] Dig In

[a] Rim Master’s ass

4 Points

[q] Get Cleaning

[a] Tongue bath Master’s Pits

2 Points Per Armpit

[q] Hole Filler

[a] Insert dildo or butt plug and wear for 10 MIN.

6 Points

[q] Make Them Shine

[a] Lick Master’s balls.

3 Points

[q] You Talk Too Much

[a] Gag slave. Keep mouth gagged for 10 MIN.

5 Points

[q] Relax

[a] Give Master Body Massage.

5 Points

[q] Red is Your Color

[a] Get spanked by Master (10 slaps).

6 Points

[q] A Gift

[a] Get face spit on by Master, 10 spit gobs. Must not wipe off.

3 Points

[q] Totally Drenched

[a] Get face spit on by Master, 15 spit gobs. Must not wipe off.

7 Points

[q] Wide Open

[a] Open mouth wide. Master throat spits gobs of spit into your mouth.

2 Points

[q] Good Use for Your Mouth

[a] Hold Master’s cock in mouth for 5 MIN but do not suck it. Wipe any drool on slave’s face.

3 Points

[q] Knock, Knock

[a] Hit slave’s chastity cage.

2 Points

[q] Got Lucky

[a] Lick & suck Master’s nipples.

1 Point Per Nipple

[q] Do Want Tea?

[a] Get tea-bagged by Master.

2 Points

[q] Hear This

[a] Nibble or lick Master’s ears.

1 Point Per Ear

[q] Name tag Requiered

[a] Write “fag” on slave’s forehead,

1 Point

[q] Just In Case Your Forget Your Purpose, Here’s a Reminder

[a] Draw cock on slave’s face leading to its mouth.

3 Points

[q] You Deserve It

[a] Face slap slave. 10 slaps.

4 Points

[q] You Really Deserve It

[a] Face slap slave. 10 slaps.

7 Points

[q] Think About How To Serve Better

[a] Spank slave (10 slaps), followed by 5 MIN of corner time.

6 Points

[q] Dress Up

[a] Wear Master’s underwear on your head.

1 Point

[q] Finger Licking Good

[a] Suck Master’s fingers one at a time.

2 Points

[q] You Know you Want It

[a] Fuck the slave.

8 Points

[q] Your Purpose In Life

[a] Suck your Master’s cock.

5 Points

[q] Bad Luck

[a] 10 Point penalty added.

0 Points

[q] Prayer Time

[a] Explain to your Master what makes him great and more powerful than you.

2 Points

[q] Tell Me Why

[a] Explain to your Master why you are an inferior fag and why it is necessary for you to be humiliated and degraded.

2 Points

[q] Clean Up

[a] Lick clean toilet bowl rim

5 Points

[q] Shower Time

[a] Place head over toilet bowl. Master pisses on your head into bowl. Lick up any spill over.

9 Points

[q] Cleaning Service

[a] Slave licks your shoes.

2 Points Per Shoe

[q] You Can Go Higher

[a] Give slave a wedgie.

2 Points

[q] Comfy?

[a] Use slave as foot rest.

3 Points

[q] Foot Action

[a] Rub and slap feet on slave’s face.

3 Points

[q] Ouch

[a] Whip or flog slave with 10 lashes (belt, whip, flogger, paddle, rope, etc.) within limits.

6 Points

[q] Fingers

[a] Stick hand (4 fingers) in slave’s mouth to back its throat. Test it’s gag reflex.

4 Points

[q] Mix It Up

[a] Alternate 1 spit gob in face, 1 face slap, 1 spank. 10 rotations

5 Points

[q] How Many Can Fit?

[a] Insert one finger at a time into slave’s ass until slave can’t take any more.

2 Points for Each Finger that Can Fit in Ass

[q] It’s All in the Name

[a] Teach slave a title to call you. Spank or slap any time title is not used when speaking to you.

[q] Man’s Best Friend

[a] Walk your slave on all 4’s

2 Points

[q] Eat Up

[a] Spit or cum in slave’s food.

4 Points

[q] Quiet Now

[a] Don’t allow slave to speak for 10 MIN. Punish slave if it disobeys.

3 Points

[q] ?

[a] Master’s Choice

5 Points

[q] Lollipop

[a] Make slave lick every inch of your dick from base up and all sides

2 Points

[q] Big Toe

[a] Suck Master’s big toes.

1 Point for Each Big Toe

[q] Puppy Time

[a] Be put into a collar and leash and lead around.

1 Point

[q] Know Thy Master

[a] Master selects erogenous part of the body for slave to worship with it’s tongue. (Not dick or ass)

2 Points

[q] Worship

[a] Worship Master’s body to his liking.

2 Points

[q] Hair Gel

[a] Cover fag’s hair/head in spit and/or cum

2 Points

[q] Wear the Truth

[a] Write BITCH on bitch’s face

3 Points

[q] It’s Purpose

[a] Write PUSSY on fag’s ass.

1 Point

[q] Take Your Position

[a] Hand train to take 3 slave positions. Practice until slave gets into position on command without hesitation. Punish any hesitation.

4 Points

[q] Ouch

[a] Bite slave in 3 places leaving teeth marks but not breaking skin.

5 Points

[q] Take a Seat

[a] Straddle slave’s face, rubbing your ass up and down’s face. Then slap and spit on slave.

3 Points

[q] Mellow Yellow

[a] Make slave piss on itself in tub.

3 Points

[q] Who’s the Boss

[a] Grab slave by the hair (or by the ear if bald) and force to the ground. Use belt or crop to strike slave 5 times (agree on impact strength).

6 Points

[q] Undies

[a] Go online and make slave buy you a pair of underwear.

3 Points

[q] Holy Water

[a] Fill 3/4 a cup with water, the other half of spit gobs and loogies. Make slave drink up.

3 Points

[q] Fag Food

[a] Blow loogies (nose snot and phlegm) into fag’s mouth.

5 Points

[q] Finger Pointing

[a] Finger fuck slave. Make slave lick clean your finger when done.

4 Points

[q] It’s All in the Head

[a] Kiss, worship, and suck the head of Master’s penis.

2 Points

[q] Long Licks

[a] Lick Master from ass crack up to tip of dick and back 5 times.

3 Points

[q] Right to the Edge

[a] Unlock slave’s shaft portion of its chastity cage. Edge slave but do not allow slave to cum. Feed slave any of its precum. Use ice to make it’s dick flaccid and re-lock in cage.

6 Points

[q] Punishment Time

[a] Tie slave face down and flog or whip slave, within limits but enough to make backside red. Have safety word.

10 Points

[q] Under Foot

[a] Trample slave. Step on face, body, cage, balls, etc. Put as much pressure as slave can handle.

6 Points

[q] Every Drop

[a] Spit big gobs on the floor/table/window etc. Make slave lick it up or wipe it’s face in it. Spit 5 different location and make slave crawl to each spot.

5 Points

[q] All the Way

[a] Deep throat Master cock until tip of nose touches Master’s pubes. Wipe any gob that comes out of slave on it’s face.

6 Points

[q] Labeling Parts

[a] Write COCKSUCKER on the cocksucker’s neck. From base of neck to chin.

2 Points

[q] 1/2 Off

[a] Shave slave’s left leg and arm.

4 Points

[q] Seriously?

[a] Show the slave you are serious about this game. Select a punishment.

5 Points

[q] Self Lubricating

[a] Make slave spit several big gobs into its (or Master’s) hands. Wipe on slave face.

3 Points

[q] Too Great Things for a Fag

[a] Spit on your foot and make the fag lick it up.

2 Points

[q] Height Rule

[a] slave’s head must always be lower than Master’s dick head unless Master directs otherwise. Example: if Master sits down, the slave must immediately lower itself to be lower to the ground than Master’s dick, even if not in the same room.

4 Points

[q] Dress Up

[a] Wear woman’s clothing.

3 Points

[q] Google It

[a] Master google’s “fag humiliation ideas” and selects a task/challenge from search results.

5 Points

[q] Make a Pledge

[a] Kneel before Master. Make a sincere pledge by saying, “Master, I pledge myself to serve and obey you to the best of my ability. I will accept your punishments for any short comings and to bring you pleasure.” Kiss your Master’s feet to show your submission. Keep your knees, head down at Master’s feet awaiting instructions.

2 Points

[q] Kick It Up

[a] Make slave stand up against wall and kick slave in the ass 10 times with varying force each time (within limits). Be sure to hit both checks, its ass crack and between the legs.

5 Points

[q] Lighten the Load

[a] Rip off the slave’s shirt.

1 Point

[q] Play with Ball

[a] Slap, kick, and/or squeeze slave’s balls as much as slave can take.

7 Points

[q] Toeball

[a] Tie slave’s balls to its big toes so slave will have to crawl. Keep tied up for 10 Minutes.

4 Points

[q] 10 Minutes of Torment

[a] Hogtie, gag, and blindfold slave. Give slave 10 minutes of torment by slapping body, face, ass, feet; fingering/plugging ass, pulling, tugging, twisting ears, nipples, nose. Rubbing your dick/balls over slave’s face. Keep slave guessing what is next.

8 Points

[q] Smooth

[a] Shave pubic hair

3 Points

[q] Go Verbal

[a] Verbally abuse slave.

2 Points

[q] Read Your Lines

[a] slave loudly reads to Master the following: “I don’t deserve to have a cock. I am  not a man. I am a fag. I am less than a man. I need a man’s cock. Master, may I please have your cock” Read 5 x.

2 Points

[q] Detailed Work

[a] Make slave suck each toe individually and lick clean between each toe.

5 Points

[q] Tethered

[a] Tie slave’s chastity cage to your ankle (or wrist), leaving enough slack equal to about half a leg. Walk around and make slave keep up. Keep cage tied to you throughout the game. Quick and sudden jerks to its cage will help keep the slave obedient and will be a constant reminder of its situation.

5 Points.

[q] Hide the Toe

[a] Fuck slave with you big toe by making him sit on it and inserting up his ass. Make him ride your toe and then lick the toe clean when done. (Make sure toe nail is clipped close.)

6 Points

[q] Bring Everything Together

[a] String rope through chastity cage. Tie slaves hands with the ends of the rope. Leave enough slack so slave can perform tasks. Every time slave, moves its hands it will pull on it cage.

[q] Let’s See Those Useless Balls

[a] Place collar on slave. Tie chastity cage (from tip if possible) to the collar while the slave’s head is in a bowed position. Tie cage so that its caged dick is facing up and its balls are exposed. Make slave stand at attention so the cage is fully yanked up and slap its exposed balls (within limits). Keep slave cage tied to collar until necessary to complete another task.

7 Points

[q] Go Get It

[a] Take your underwear and throw it across room. Make slave retrieve it in it’s mouth and bring back to you while on all 4’s. Set a time limit and punish slave it doesn’t make it in time. Repeat 3x.

3 Points


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