Chastity Device Sizing Guide

Chastity devices are not cheap and there are lots of choices. It’s important to select one(s) that’s fit you well to ensure you getting the most out of the experience. Here are few tips:

Knowing Your Dick

How well do you know your dick? You know how it feels from jerking off all the time. You may have even taken a tape measure to it. But it’s important to know all of the dimensions when both hard and soft.

Length – The longer your dick is, the longer the chastity cage should be.

For examples, here’s a few devices to show a range of lengths:

Grower or ShowerGROWER-SHOWER

You need to measure your dick when hard and soft. Some guys shrink a lot when flaccid and then grow huge. The variance of size from hard to soft may not be much for other guys. If you shrink a lot or have a smaller sized dick, get the shorter sized cage. Otherwise it will be easy for you slip out. If you have a bigger sized dick or it doesn’t shrink a lot when soft, get a longer sized cage. Otherwise you’re dick will always be squished inside and will be uncomfortable to wear.

The Truth

What’s big or small? Studies show the average dick length 5.5″. The average range is from 5.5″ – 6.2″. About 80% of dudes are growers and 20% or showers. (Google it if you want to see for yourself.)

Length to Select

A good rule of thumb is to take the length of your dick while soft and subtract 1/4″ – 1/2″ from it to determine the best chastity device length for you. For example, if your soft dick size is 3.5″, then a chastity device length of 3.25″ or less is probably good for you.

Cock Base

Chastity devices have a ring to go around the base of your cock. This what keeps the device on, so correct sizing is important. Several models, such as the CB-6000, come with different sized rings. If that’s the case with the model you choose, you can just try them on and figure it out what fits best. However if you have to select one in advance, you will want to pick the right size for you.

The ring size you select should be determined the same way you would select a cock ring. You measure the base of your cock, behind your balls and around the entire base, with a string or tape measure. You take the measurement and divide by 3.14 (Pi) to give you the diameter of the cock ring. If your size is in between the ring sizes, go with the smaller one. It should be as tight as possible to make slipping it off difficult but not so tight that it cuts off circulation, which is dangerous. A good rule of thumb is that it should be difficult to get a finger inside the ring once it’s around your cock.

Example:mesure cock ring

  • Cock Base Diameter = 5.7″
  • Divide 5.7 by 3.14
  • Cock Base Diameter = 1.82″
  • Best Ring Size = 1.75″ or smaller




How big are your balls? Some guys have big balls, some don’t. Your balls are part of the security of a chastity device. To escape, you have to get your balls through the ring. If you have big balls, this can be tough and painful. If they are on the smaller size, it may be easier to slip out. You may want to consider chastity devices that have a ball enclosure entrapment, like The Oppressor, or ones with a ball separator, like the Sado Chamber. A full enclosure device such as the Stainless Steel Pod also might be a good choice.

Thickness of Dick

Most chastity devices don’t have adjustable tube circumference sizes, unless it is custom built. So the thickness of your dick isn’t too much of a factor. If you do have a very thick dick, you may want to consider full enclosure devices because they provide more room.