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This guide is intended to help you select a chastity cage that’s right for you (or your wearer).


The material the device is made of is one of the most important considerations when selecting one. A chastity device is not taken on and off (very often). If it’s worn 24/7, it becomes like your skin to you. It has be comfortable and durable throughout your sentence. The devices are separated by material on the Shop Chastity Devices page, so you can see samples of each.

Common Materials:

Plastic/Polycarbonate – Lightweight, comfortable, easy to conceal under street clothes,chastity pulling up pants fairly secure, moderately easy to keep clean.

Metal – Durable, heavy, very secure, easy to keep clean, can be concealed under street clothes. Will set off metal detectors.

Silicone – Most lightweight and comfortable, flexible, easy to conceal under street clothes. Can be easy to slip out of or escape. Can cause minor skin irritation.

Leather – Affordable, lightweight, moderate security, not easy to keep clean while wearing.

Combo – Many leather devices have some metal (Gates of Hell). Some metal devices have leather straps (pods). Cleaning, security, etc may be affected by combination.


Security refers to how easy or hard it is to escape from the chastity device. No device is 100% inescapable. If the wearer is determined enough, he can break out. The Key Holder’s level of supervision and leverage over the wearer will determine the level of security needed.

Material Security Level
Metal High
Plastic Moderate
Silicone Low
Leather Low to Moderate
Piercing Fitted Devices High

Tube of Device

The tube of the device (the part the shaft of the cock goes into) is another consideration. Tubes can range from solid with just a slit at the bottom for pissing to open ended with head of the cock exposed. They can also be bars of cage or similar construction. The more airy the tube is, the easier it is to keep clean and sanitary. However, more airy models allow for greater access to the dick. So depending on how strict the chastity sentence will be, select the most airy tube you.

Some devices, like the pod series, encase the entire cock to include balls and shaft. These can be open or closed closed cages. The more open, the easier to clean.

Length of Sentence

Sentence refers to the amount of time the wearer will be in the chastity device. If it’s short term (a few days or less), you can pretty must go with anything. If it’s going to be longer term, you will want to take the material, security, and tube into consideration.


The wearer’s lifestyle will also be a determining factor in the device you select. If you are very active, you probably want a device that’s light weight and low profile. Plastic or silicone is probably best for people who do a lot aerobic exercise or travel (airport security metal detectors).

Basic Questions

Here are some specific chastity devices to consider based on basic questions. I’ve matched about 1/2 of the more popular devices to you (the wearer) based how long you’ll be in wearing the it, how active you are, and how much supervision you’ll be under. The devices range in material, security, tube style. You can click any device to read the product info.

How long will you be wearing a chastity device?

Short Term (a few days or less): Gates of Hell, Seed Pod

Long Term (more than a few days): CB-6000, Boy TrainerMaster Series Extreme

How physically active are you?

Very (lots of sports, running): Holy Trainer, Boy Trainer

Not Very to Moderate: CB-6000, Bird Cage, Master Series Extreme

How much supervision will your Key Holder provide?

Not Too Much (check in once in awhile, long distance relationship): CB-6000, Bird Cage, Master Series Extreme

A Lot (monitored frequently, in person inspections): Gates of Hell, Boy Trainer, Seed Pod


  • I am a chronic masturbater. I think that I could benefit from being in long-term chastity. I have several issues I’d like suggestions on.

    First, I don’t have a couple, lover, or Master, so I would have to be my own key-holder. I suppose I could ask a friend to be the key-holder, but that, too, could be somewhat awkward.

    Second, I am uncut and though I haven’t produced cheese in a long time, I really don’t want to start again, so I would need a cage that would allow me to pull the skin back to clean. If I have enough room to pull it back, I’m guessing I’d have enough room to get myself off, too. Are there any devices that take this into consideration? I know there are a lot of uncut men out there!

    I did buy a stainless-steel cage about a year back, with a urethrral tube and plug. It’s very cool, but very heavy and not concealable under clothing unless I go for a very loose fit (on the clothes). I also did not know what size to buy and ended up getting one that was too large – with a lot of work I can fill it, but then I’m hard, so that is counter-productive for my purposes. It was rather pricey for a non-returnable item, so I am hesitant about what to buy. How does one decide on size on an item that is unreturnable? It was also impossible to pull the foreskin back while wearing the cage.

    The urethral plug was impossible to work with and once taken off it would not go back into place. The cage was so heavy that I was concerned about it “slipping” off, and the company I bought it from would not sell me a smaller cockring to hold the cage (though they would sell me another one with a smaller cockring.) You can guess what I told them to do!

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated,

    frustrated in Miami

  • Cb6000s is 2.25 inches

  • Anyone know of a cage of 2 inches? The smallest I can find is 2.5 inches.

  • Where would I go to meet a woman who will enslave me & chastise me permanently using a 3″ long stainless steel Frenum pierced on chastity tube?

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