Welcome to Chastity Life. This site contains info and products related to living in chastity. Here are some basics:

chastity cageWhat is Chastity?

Chastity is simply restraining from having sex. True chastity is abstinence from any sexual gratification, with others or with yourself.

What is a Chastity Device?

Let’s face it. Sexual urges are among the strongest we have. Resisting them or being restricted from satisfying them is not easy. Chastity devices prevent you from getting a full erection by putting your dick under lock a key. A chastity device either partly or fully encases your dick and then is locked. (Chastity devices for women prevent a dick penetration.)

Who does this?

Lots of people do this. There are chastity devices for both women and men. While it main seem unusual to be locked in a chastity device, it may be more common than you think. Here’s the thing: you really can’t tell someone is wearing one under their clothes. So, you don’t really know who’s in one or not. You never know what the person next to you is wearing underneath their pants…

Examples of Chastity Device Wearers:

  • Couples in dominant and submissive roles
  • Couples that want to spice up their sex lives
  • People in a Master/slave relationship
  • Individuals who want to be more attentive to their partner’s sexual needs
  • Those that want more intense orgasms by making them more rare
  • People who want greater focus on other areas of their lives
  • Those that are easily tempted to sexually stray
  • Anyone who wants to experiment

What is a Key Holder?

Most chastity devices have a way to be locked or sealed. The person who has the key, obviously, is the Key Holder. You may be curious to try out a chastity device. But if you can take it off any time you want, what’s the fun in that? Someone else holding the key makes it real. It’s a powerful emotional journey to lose control of your dick. Read the Key Holding Page for more info.

What Kinds of Chastity Devices Are There?

There are lots of different kinds of chastity devices. They come in different colors, shapes, materials and so on. You can look around at the choices here. Whatever your pleasure, there’s a device that’s right for you.